Some Stu poses!

Heya guys!

Long time no post! Geez, with all this moving across the world, working and AM I haven't posted in almost a month :-O. Things are starting to settle down a little and I'm looking forward to having much more time for posting next year :-D.

These 4 Stu poses are representing Strength, Balance, Exhaustion and Concern. These have actually been much more fun than I expected (Despite the kindergarten rig and gargantuan head). It's been interesting learning about getting a balance between physical plausability and design.



Storyboarding course, final assignment!

Heya guys!
Click Here to download the pitch for my final assignment (sorry about the length, it's a 104mb DivX .avi that goes for 15 min :-S).

I really bit off much more than I could chew with this assignment and this is closer to a rough first draft than a final board (some of it very VERY rough :-P ). It was a very late night and a huge challenge when I recorded the pitch, I hope it's comprehensible :-/. My story still needs a lot more breaking before it'll be solid (it's more like jelly now), but I feel there's a story worth telling somewhere in there. I'm pretty keen to hear anyone's comments, please contribute! :-D

This course was awesome, I feel like I could do it over again and I'd still learn loads.


Dan is an Ultrageek

Here is the proof :-P. LuxAnimation took us to EuroDisneyland a few weeks ago, I was totally geeking out at anything Pixar :-P. I'm sure there was a 23 year old philosophy student from paris inside that Remy suit thinking "Jesus, why is this grown man so excited about a big pretend Rat?".

The Nemo ride rocked :-D.


Excitement in Week3!

This week we had to come up with a pose that conveyed "Excitement". I didn't have much time so I just went for something obvious but strong. Times a bit tight until I get this storyboarding course finished and Bob et Bobette is pretty pressing too... Geesh!


First AM assignment!

This is how my first 3D poses turned out. Ahh, the pleasures of posing with a gargantuan head. The silly guy couldn't look down at the table without poking himself in the eye so I had to improvise :-P.


Storyboarding - Schoolism style.

Curious as to what this guy is thinking about?
Click HERE to see his story...

This is my Week 6 assignment for Kris Pearn's storyboarding course. The brief was to do an chase scene in about 100 panels, which was motivated by story. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, I took one evening to come up with the story then a flurried weekend of drawing to do all the panels (geesh!). A spent another evening adding grey tones and blur. I'll have to update it with all of Kris's Changes and reupload sometime. If you guys don't know what schoolism is, check out http://www.schoolism.com/ .

Can't believe how much I've learned from this course, Kris is such an excellent teacher. So dedicated too, I don't know how he juggles us pleb students in amongst Supervising story at Sony.

Very open to comments/crits for any further improvement!


AM week 02 -sketches

Heya guys!

Here's some sketches from my first real assignment from AM. We were to go to a public place and do some quick sketches, was an excellent experience. It really made me realise how little observing I do now a days. All those times I've spent waiting in bus stops and airports and sat bored. What a waste! I'll have to get a mini sketchbook so I can take up the opportunity everywhere I go :-D.

One of them needs to be posed with a 3D rig. Most people prefer 5 so I'll probably go for that! Although I really feel like doing something with some contrapposto :-/

which animation student are you?

As I'm returning to so much study lately with Schoolism and Animation mentor I found this article interesting and a good laugh. Actually, everything on her blog is interesting and she's got entertaining sarcasm to boot :-D.


I think almost everyone at AM seems to be "The Keener". Makes so much difference when everyone has so much respect for the teaching body.



My website is up!

After a few days of convincing the hosters that I wasn't fraudulant, I've finally got my website up! It's a bit rushed and most of the links are broken, so you probably shouldn't bother visiting:



Note! It doesn't seem to work with firefox at the moment! Will be fixed ASAP (probably a couple weeks away :-P ).


Why Doesn't Dan watch TV?

Answer: "Well over a year."

Sometimes I get strange looks like I'm a bizarre Amish man when I say I don't like watching TV. Don't get me wrong, I love TV shows. I watch plenty of downloaded shows and love every season I have of Scrubs. I mean, I'm in the storytelling business for Pete's sake (I'll have to work out who this "Pete" guy is sometime).

I heard a statistic that in Australia people watch 7 hours of TV per week on average, a modest number. Generally it's seems like about 1/3 of TV is commercials, so that's say 2.5 hours per week. So that's roughly 10 hours per month - Seems like a bit, but it's not that bad. Over a year that would be 120 hours, so let's say 120/24= 6 days a year non-stop. Now if Joe Blo starts watching TV at 5 years old, and watches until he croaks it at 75, that's (70 years *6 day) 420 days in his life that he spends... not just watching TV.... JUST WATCHING COMMERCIALS!

That's "Well over a year".

If I really need know what the most fashionable shade of pink lipstick is, I can do my own research and find out, I don't need to be told 10 times a day.

Rant over.

Viva Pinata 2: Twubble in Pawadise!


A game I worked on has been released and it's not a half bad game! I only worked on it for about 3 months and it was actually a lot of fun (once you got past the terminal lack of rigs). I animated the giant Rhino (easy to see because he's so big) and the small bird (difficult to see even if you squint). Check out a review here:

The first post

Now to warm up the crowd, please give it up for... Phil!:

"Hey folks, thank you, you're very kind it's great to be here.."
Claps die out.
Dead silence.
"I got nothing."