Excitement in Week3!

This week we had to come up with a pose that conveyed "Excitement". I didn't have much time so I just went for something obvious but strong. Times a bit tight until I get this storyboarding course finished and Bob et Bobette is pretty pressing too... Geesh!


First AM assignment!

This is how my first 3D poses turned out. Ahh, the pleasures of posing with a gargantuan head. The silly guy couldn't look down at the table without poking himself in the eye so I had to improvise :-P.


Storyboarding - Schoolism style.

Curious as to what this guy is thinking about?
Click HERE to see his story...

This is my Week 6 assignment for Kris Pearn's storyboarding course. The brief was to do an chase scene in about 100 panels, which was motivated by story. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, I took one evening to come up with the story then a flurried weekend of drawing to do all the panels (geesh!). A spent another evening adding grey tones and blur. I'll have to update it with all of Kris's Changes and reupload sometime. If you guys don't know what schoolism is, check out http://www.schoolism.com/ .

Can't believe how much I've learned from this course, Kris is such an excellent teacher. So dedicated too, I don't know how he juggles us pleb students in amongst Supervising story at Sony.

Very open to comments/crits for any further improvement!


AM week 02 -sketches

Heya guys!

Here's some sketches from my first real assignment from AM. We were to go to a public place and do some quick sketches, was an excellent experience. It really made me realise how little observing I do now a days. All those times I've spent waiting in bus stops and airports and sat bored. What a waste! I'll have to get a mini sketchbook so I can take up the opportunity everywhere I go :-D.

One of them needs to be posed with a 3D rig. Most people prefer 5 so I'll probably go for that! Although I really feel like doing something with some contrapposto :-/

which animation student are you?

As I'm returning to so much study lately with Schoolism and Animation mentor I found this article interesting and a good laugh. Actually, everything on her blog is interesting and she's got entertaining sarcasm to boot :-D.


I think almost everyone at AM seems to be "The Keener". Makes so much difference when everyone has so much respect for the teaching body.



My website is up!

After a few days of convincing the hosters that I wasn't fraudulant, I've finally got my website up! It's a bit rushed and most of the links are broken, so you probably shouldn't bother visiting:



Note! It doesn't seem to work with firefox at the moment! Will be fixed ASAP (probably a couple weeks away :-P ).