Storyboarding course, final assignment!

Heya guys!
Click Here to download the pitch for my final assignment (sorry about the length, it's a 104mb DivX .avi that goes for 15 min :-S).

I really bit off much more than I could chew with this assignment and this is closer to a rough first draft than a final board (some of it very VERY rough :-P ). It was a very late night and a huge challenge when I recorded the pitch, I hope it's comprehensible :-/. My story still needs a lot more breaking before it'll be solid (it's more like jelly now), but I feel there's a story worth telling somewhere in there. I'm pretty keen to hear anyone's comments, please contribute! :-D

This course was awesome, I feel like I could do it over again and I'd still learn loads.


Dan is an Ultrageek

Here is the proof :-P. LuxAnimation took us to EuroDisneyland a few weeks ago, I was totally geeking out at anything Pixar :-P. I'm sure there was a 23 year old philosophy student from paris inside that Remy suit thinking "Jesus, why is this grown man so excited about a big pretend Rat?".

The Nemo ride rocked :-D.