New Camera! Canon EOS 1000D :-D

Hello people of the box!

As my Fiance and I are planning on doing so much traveling this year, I bullied the financially pragmatic part of her brain into submission and convinced her we should buy an expensive new camera. Here's a couple new experimental shots I've taken:
Ahh, soaking up some Australiana wildlife while we're back here. These beautiful rascals (rainbow Lorikeets) are often prowling around the bird bath at my mum's house.
Yes, my mum's place encourages all sorts of wildlife. This guy terrified me as I was trying to sleep. In the dark I could hear something moving right next to the bed next to me (Slithered through the window!). I think he was just trying to nourish his animation skills (notice Preston Blair's book on the bedside table :-P).
The next day a crazy (but cool) snake guy came to take him away. I was astonished at how mellow this snake was, this must have been the first time this wild animal had ever been handled by a human but he wasn't fazed at all. I felt guilty for having the fella taken out of his habitat :-(. The guy said that bulge in him was either a possum, or possible someone's small cat!
This stick bug was hanging around the path leaving Mitchelton train station. I think the only thing running through his head was "I'm in perfect camoflauge, nobody can see me!". At least he stayed perfectly still for getting his picture taken :-P.
A friendly local Butcher bird. Watching me closely as it's Juvinile youngster had a bath.

Well, I look forward to taking many a nice photo this year! Our rough Itenierie this is starts 1st of April -> India, London, Scottland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Prague, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France (possibly a trek through Luxembourg?), Spain then finally somewhere in Portugal (if our little Fiat Punto makes it that far). Woot!

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