Some photoEditing!

I was sorting through some old photos and thought I might have some fun by pushing them a bit in photoshop. Check it out!:
This is a line of Daffodils in Bath, UK. My Fiance is a massive fan of this kind of colour isolation technique, I thought that line of flowers would make a nice centre piece. They nicely compliment the beautiful yellow sandstone bricks that most buildings in Bath are constructed with.
This is up in the Peak District just off the DoveDale walk in the UK. I went for a dark silvery colour scheme. Makes me kind of look adventurous out on a steely horizon like some Solo traveller. The biggest thing I did to achieve this affect was to cut out the chubby tourists also wandering around on the mountain just right of frame :-P.
We were hanging out in Brighton in South East UK when the whole town was overtaken by a Biker Congregation! I couldn't help but take this photo of Antique bikes and give it bit of that "Old Damaged photo" look. Gotta make myself some coffee stain textures to layer over it :-P.

It's been quite fun editing the photos in this way, brings a fun new dimension to photography :-D.


Vibeke said...

Are you in the UK?

KineticDan said...

Heya Vibeke!

I was living in UK for about a year and a half at the beginning of 2007! I was living in a beautiful little town called Lichfield which is near the horrible huge monstrosity that is Birmingham :-P. I'll actually be back in London for a few weeks in May. If you happen to be coming in maybe we could do a Class 1 reunion with Andy :-D.