I'm addicted to close ups!

Just love how having a small point of focus really draws the eye on a certain feature, I love it! Here's a bunch of recent photos (mostly close-ups!):
These 4 photos were taken on 7 miles beach just near Byron Bay. My only non close-up, the sea was throwing out some pretty crazy shapes as it crashed against the shore. I especially liked this one!
Love the way those little vines wrapped around the branches. Great colours on the leaves too!
There's a little crab hiding in amongst those sand balls, I imagine you might need to zoom in to see it!
That's a blue bottle, apparently has a very nasty sting on those hanging tentacles. My fiancee didn't seem to mind picking them up by their inflated heads though :-O.
These 3 photos were taken at the Mt Glorious national park just near Brisbane. I call this bug rupert. He prefers the name Tom. I repress Tom and still call him Rupert.
This skinky thing let me get surprising close to take this photo. I'm about 3 feet away!
Love the contrast I could get with this nice little new shoot!
This photo was taken at a party. I'm really enjoying photography in darker areas now that we have a camera that goes up to ISO 1600. A friend gave me the very good tip of switching to Black and white too as the extra grain and poor colours from High Iso actually add to the character of the shot.



Peer Lemmers said...

dude.. your making tons of progress!

maybe youve got snake vibes now :-)

KineticDan said...

Cheers dude! I'm really getting into a groove with AM now. Shame I've only got a couple weeks left til the end of Class2. Then I'll be AM deprived for a couple of Seasons :-O.

Hope things at Tippet are going well!