Who likes dentists?

Heya people of the Box (I don't discriminate against people who live in Octagons, you are welcome too. Those stinking people who live in Circles, damn you all to hell.)

This is my first AM assignment for Class2! I still need to make changes pending on my last critique, but before long I'll make a nice render and re-upload! I'm pretty happy how this turned out, but I'd really like to improve how he treats the top step. I'd like to make him more cautious about it, A good friend (Daz) suggested that he shouldn't touch the top step at all, and should just leave his foot hovering above. I'm thinking more and more that he's right, anybody have any ideas?


You can check out the video reference I started with here:

I can definitely see by body mechanics improve with this assignment, this is by far the best hip animation I've done to date!

crits welcome!

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