Here's the blocking for my next AM assignment. The task is to animate the Stu character with no arms, walking through some heavy wind. Check out my first pass stepped blocking here:


I did heaps of planning for this one, including this crazy pre-vis:

First off I was looking for a good rhythm, so I actually recorded myself tapping on the desk - each tap roughly representing a main action (a step or any major movement). I was looking to find an interesting variety of beats throughout the whole piece, with a nice overall building arc. I edited my favourite bits together which gave me a great way of quickly juggling the overall timing of the piece. I then imported this into Maya and blocked out my main motion, trying to really get a feeling that this guy was so close to winning, but fails only just. I ended up deviate a little from this original plan, but I came pretty close, I'm really happy with the result!

Crits and comments welcome!

BTW, I updated my website by throwing dirt all over it, check out www.kineticdan.com and tell me what you think!

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