AM Class 2 Progress Reel

Heya guys!

Click the pic below to check out my shiny and rendered Progress Reel for this finished quarter of animation mentor!

Wow, what a term. It's really been great committing extra time to AM due to have a part-time job, it really makes the difference and gives you the opportunity to really challenge yourself with some bigger pieces. Overall I think the biggest things I've learned in this term is about how much better extra time spent planning will affect the quality of your animation. I've really enjoyed experimenting with blocking methods too and I particularly like the technique of straight ahead blocking your main poses (as long as you have a solid plan) to get more natural transitions. I'm really surprised at how much fun I've had animating such simple characters too, was really fun coming up with some pantomime acting and it was great practice telling a story in nice quick timescales.



LLoyd B said...

AWESOME WORK Dan. Love your timeing on your AM reel. Always puts a smile on my face when I see your work.

- Lloyd B

KineticDan said...

Cheers dude!

I'm gonna miss working with you dude, that little cosy corner will never be the same :-)


Dan Carey said...

Hey Dan! Bang on - great work as always!! Are you heading into the next term? Or going on secret missions around the world for the australian government?

Have a great one (what ever that 'one' maybe... or even two, if it tickles your fancy!)

KineticDan said...

Hehe, yep Secret missions it is! I'm going to infiltrate an Indian curryhouse and discover the secrets to their spicy greatness! I must be careful though, one wrong move could reveal my conspiracy, or worse: They torture me with tainted curry and leave me on the toilet for weeks :-O.

I told AM I might be back for Fall! So way before then I'll be catching up with you in May :-D. I look forward to it!

Mike said...

Nice stuff amigo. You make me want to do animation mentor.....I don't suppose you want to pay for me? Have fun adventuring around the world

mikey :)

KineticDan said...

You've spent your redundancy on drugs and booze already? :-P