Motorbike folly, blocking

Yo ho!

Here's some progress on my Am assignment! It's been pretty fun just working with a simple weighty scenario and It'll be interesting getting into splining and adding some trembles and stuff. Only 1.5 weeks left to finish all the polishing :-O.

I modeled the bike based off a Triumph Bonneville, classic bike :-D.



C. said...

ahaha Dan !
Same motorbike and (almost) same action, but in the real life. Gasp, it was a bad time for me, really.

Good blk, indeed.


KineticDan said...

Heya Carlo! Noo you dropped your Triumph? How're you finding the riding anyways? Robyn is thinking of getting her license, somehow I think she'll make a better biker than me :-P


Olivier Ladeuix said...

hey Dan! nice blocking! I really like the first part of the animation and the overall idea but the second part seems to be contrasting a bit and feels a bit soft in term of timing compared to the first part, especially his cartoony take.

Nice anim!

KineticDan said...

Heya Olivier!

How's things at EA?

Cheers for your comment! Hopefully the second half will be tightened up when I get further into polishing :-S.


Mike said...

This looks awesome man. A great reel piece. Can't wait til you post up the polished version

KineticDan said...

Cheers Mike! Much appreciated :-D.