Motorbikeness, now with more frames!

Yoyo people!

Here's what I've submitted for my polished version of my motorbike assignment! This has been a really fun one and I'd love to keep tweaking it, hopefully I get some time soon! I really enjoyed the challenge of a character physically persevering through something almost encumbering. I learnt loads about timing and I'm starting to become more comfortable with moving things slowly (not everything has to snap!) and how it can be fun to keep some things more subtle which can actually help exaggeration by providing contrast for somewhere else. Those knees were proving to be a pain to lock down so I just went ahead and tweaked the rig to make it easier. The thigh actually stretches automatically so I can keep the knee down automatically, nobody has noticed yet (heh heh). Will be interesting to see how Elliott crits it!


Tune in over the next few weeks, I still have to render this sucker (it also looks much better bigger and at higher res :-P ).


Mike said...

FIRST COMMENT OF DOOM! Looks great Dan. Might very well be my favourite piece of yours.

KineticDan said...


Cheers Mike!

Yeah, I think it's my favourite of mine too. Nice to feel like I'm getting better :-).

See you on Wednesday!