Blog update: Now with more filth!

Heya people!

I made a few updates for my blog (notice how this column is a little wider? Ahhhhh space to breath :-P ). This mostly involved dirtying up the BG a bit and integrating my blog into my website! So now if you ever want to find my blog, don't go to the unbearable complex and illogical http://www.kineticdan.blogspot.com, just simply go to: www.kineticdan.com. So:
Remember www.kineticdan.com
Remember www.kineticdan.com
Remember www.kineticdan.com
Remember tibet
Remember www.kineticdan.com

Also, with my lovely Fiance's new job (she's now a vet at Australia Zoo!) We've moved out to a bush cottage near Landsborough, north of Brisbane. Here's a photo from our back porch where I can enjoy a cool breeze and sunset view for my afternoon shift:

Great little office to animate from, and there's definitely no distractions. Nosireee! No neighbours except for the snakes and ants! hehe. Errr. Anyone who know's me should get my gmail-chat/MSN/Skype details as if I don't get enough human contact, I'm bound to end up like this:


Mike said...

EYE SO LATION.... gone crazy yet?

KineticDan said...

.... *Stares all creepy-like*