Inspirational stuffing! Your head is like a turkey's bottom!

Well I thought I should break up all these assignment posts by filling a post with a whole bunch of inspirational links and stuff I've come across the past few months:

Here's a link my Mentor (Elliott Roberts) shared of Steven Spielberg talking about how directors should know what they want down to the last frame and how animators are forced to think about that by the nature of our art. Makes me giggle to see a young Steven Spielberg :-P. There's loads of great stuff on his blog and I especially like his examples of poses with good silhouette, but with overlapping elements (you don't always need to open up all the negative space and have all limbs coming out of the body like egyptian haieroglyphics :-P ), that page is here.

Here's two short doco's about Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr Fox (and how he directed the animators by acting out the video reference himself!) and Bill Melendez (creator of Charlie Brown, interesting because he's a big influence on Wes!). I came across both of these on Ethan Hurd's Persistence of Vision blog.

Olivier Ladeuix has also come across some super spiffy concept art pages HERE and HERE.

Ah well, that's enough for now, I've got animating to do!!

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