A pirate's life for me!

Heya guys!

I've just finished the blocking for my next AM assignment.! Check it out here:


I tried to layer together some challenging exercises, so here's my pirate with a peg leg-carrying a cannonball across a swaying ship. This is part 1 of 2 so there's a bit of a story which won't really be revealed until I block my next assignment a few weeks away. The set is all proxy at the moment, and eventually there'll be a nicely detailed ship wall with cannons and everything, but just for now you'll have to use your imagination :-P. The grey blob is just temporary until I model a smashed hole through the hull :-S.

Check out the planning here:

There's some pretty interesting stuff there at the end that I found on Youtube, would you believe I found someone who had bookmarked over 50 movies on youtube of people with peg-legs? Bizarro! I actually had to go and record some extra video reference after this batch, took me a while to lock down exactly how I wanted this to play out.

Some planning thumbnails:

I've also been updating my showreel, check out the latest version HERE. I've got some rendering issues to fix up on the first shot but I'd love to hear any feedback!



Peer Lemmers said...

arrgh awesome me matey!

good to know your back to AM and digging into some animation!

KineticDan said...

Cheers Peer!

Brings you back to your Pirates of the Caribbean days eh? :-P

I just saw the "How to train your dragon" trailer the other day. Looks absolutely awesome :-D. How's things on KFP2?

Peer Lemmers said...

Argh yes me matey :-)

DW is cool.. knocking out cycles.. sort of like games but a bit more detailed.

Hows being back in Australia? Just saw Robing got a kick ars job!

C. said...

gasp, it looks ultra difficult and already cool, can't wait for the second part.


PS: Now I can see your reel perfectly. It's great, even if I have to say I don't love the dance gag at the end - the animation is sweet as usual, but I keep thinking he does not dance bad enough to make her run away that scared. it's just my opinion on a small detail : )


KineticDan said...

Hey Peer!

It's great being back in Australia! I may not be saying that in another month or two when it's getting close to 40 :-(. Yep, Robyn's working at the wildlife hospital at Australia zoo! It's her dream job, she literally had happy tears when she got the offer :-D. So we're moving up north of Brisbane into a little cabin in the bush! No distractions for me! No siree!

Heya Carlo!

Yeah, I agree about the dancing gag, I was too ambitious with that assignment and the research was spread a little think :-/. Oh well, won't last much longer on my reel anyway :-P.

Now I have to stop procrastinating and go finish polishing this pirate sucker :-P.