Some ugly faces and a decrepit old man

While my cannonball piece is simmering away on the back burner I thought I might share some other stuff I've been working on. Here's some sketches I've done recently, I just threw some tones over them for fun:

My favourite is that sad old man on the bottom right. Look how blobby he is! If I was antimating him I'd totally have him sitting on a couch giving a depressed sigh followed by several seconds of wobbly fat settling around his torso. Heh.
I've also been rigging a character that I'm preparing to start animating next year. Early days still - I decided to do a scared pose because the only eyebrow blend target I've got is up :-P. Been setting him up with the generously free advanced skeleton that the gentleman Mike Paech put me onto! Nice work! I'd totally recommend it if anyone's throwing together a rig, haven't started animated with it yet but it seems rock solid! Still have loads of work to do on this old fella but if anyone has any design concerns, I'd love to know :-).

I'll have my final pirate piece to show next week so stay tuned!

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Mike said...

My first link.... awwww. thanks mate :)