Ye Pirate animation be finished yet ye skallywag?

Aye it is!

Check out the final polished anim here:


I had a splendid time exploring when and where to push the exaggeration with this one. Generally I tried to keep the motion somewhat realistic/believable, except for the extreme motions I tried to push and exaggerate more than is natural for stronger impact. I reckon they could have been pushed further but was fun playing around with that none the less :-D

So I'm officially half way through Animation mentor! (streamers fly in the air and those crackery things also go off which goes into a child's eyeball, but he wasn't very popular anyway). So next I'll be getting my tights on for some acting classes! (Tights aren't compulsory... but I was wearing them anyway). But I've got a few weeks off in the mean time to get some rendering done. I like Rays, they're totally mental.

Oh yes and here's a strange drawing I did:
There's a sketchbook jam thread in the Animation Mentor forums, last week's theme was "Undiscovered".



C. said...

wow, it is amazing, dan : D
I'm in love with the throw action at the end.
It's a pity I can't see it frame by frame.
Totally envious.

I know it is a silly and not appropriate comment, but I kind of feel the "swing movment" with the right arm, after the cannon ball hits the ship, ends a bit abrouptly: the snap looks a bit too strong to me.

Keep cool !


Lloyd said...

Love it. totally inspiring Mate.
I cant wait to see what you come up with next.

- Lloyd

KineticDan said...

Cheers guys, really appreciate the positivity :-D. Yeah Carlo, I reckon your right about that arm hitting a wall, I will have to try and soften it before sending it off to render! I've added this anim to my showreel, so if you really want to frame by frame it you could just download that! Feel free to scrutinize it, I'm sure your eagle eyes will pick more spots to improve!

Thanks for dropping by Lloyd! Do you have some time off around Christmas? Would love to catch up! I think Daz and Heidi are dropping in on the 27th, you free too?

Olivier said...

Top Dan :)
Great job man, now I have your blog, I'll check all your stuffs !
Amazing drawings too!

Dan Carey said...

your approach to animation is fearless Dan, i love your style. As he once said 'be like water' - and you are my friend ;)

KineticDan said...

Cheers guys :-D.

"Be like water"? Woah I said that? That's genius! That should be written on the inside of public toilet cubicles. Would lessen the chance of plumbing blockages.

Note to self: Keep quiet.