India flavoured pixels...

Yo yo!

With all this traveling it's been a bit tough finding time for artyness, but I thought I might upload some of the nicer photos I took while in India:Classic Taj. I love how the crowd recede into the perspectiv to the centre of the frame, a nice accident!
It's unusual how often in India you see old world ideas still being used along new technology, these two vehicles are a great example! I love how black and white photography really emphasizes the texture of surfaces
Here's Robyn looking very contemplative in the very spiritual jain temple of Ranakpur near Udaipur. This place was really amazing and to be honest, impressed me more than the classic Taj!

These crazy monkeys were everywhere. I've actually captured him here, split seconds before he made an impressive leap up to a branch hanging above. You can even kinda see him contemplating it here.

If I stayed still long enough, these Chipmunks just ignore me and I managed to get in some nice close ups. Plenty of photons from the strong desert sun helped plenty too!

Well Robyn and I have done all our preparations for our big Europe road trip and we're actually booked to take our car over to France on the very tomorrow. Exciting stuff!