Motorbikeness, now with more frames!

Yoyo people!

Here's what I've submitted for my polished version of my motorbike assignment! This has been a really fun one and I'd love to keep tweaking it, hopefully I get some time soon! I really enjoyed the challenge of a character physically persevering through something almost encumbering. I learnt loads about timing and I'm starting to become more comfortable with moving things slowly (not everything has to snap!) and how it can be fun to keep some things more subtle which can actually help exaggeration by providing contrast for somewhere else. Those knees were proving to be a pain to lock down so I just went ahead and tweaked the rig to make it easier. The thigh actually stretches automatically so I can keep the knee down automatically, nobody has noticed yet (heh heh). Will be interesting to see how Elliott crits it!


Tune in over the next few weeks, I still have to render this sucker (it also looks much better bigger and at higher res :-P ).


Motorbike folly, blocking

Yo ho!

Here's some progress on my Am assignment! It's been pretty fun just working with a simple weighty scenario and It'll be interesting getting into splining and adding some trembles and stuff. Only 1.5 weeks left to finish all the polishing :-O.

I modeled the bike based off a Triumph Bonneville, classic bike :-D.



motorcycle folly, my next AM assignment

Yo pigs, cows, ticks and the rest!

Here you can find the planning packet for my next AM assignment! So it's plenty of lifting a heavy motorcycle for me for the next 3 weeks! Check out the sketches first and the Video reference should become fairly self explanatory!



Back to the action!

Howdy ho to all punks and greetings to the rest!

Well my six months of indulgent travels is over and I'm settling back in Australia getting ready to return to an unhealthy routine of spending too much time in front of the computer and obsessing over animation :-P. I'm back at Animation mentor now and starting Class 3 "Advanced body mechanics" with my new teacher Elliott Roberts. He has some Bluesky cred under his belt and worked on the recent Iron man too. Now he's working at possibly the coolest games company I can think of, Double fine, creators of Psychonaughts! Not to mention of got some ridiculously kick ass students in my class too, I'll learn heaps this term! Well I've got some animation to show too, so hopefully that'll make up for my lengthy absence!:

The new: Bob et Bobette compilation reel.

Here you can find a compilation of my best sequences from the film "Luke and Lucy: The texas rangers" (In French"Bob et Bobette: Les Diables du Texas" In Flemish: "Suske en Wiske: De Texas Rakkers"). This was a truely awesome film to work on and was my first forray into the animated feature film. It's based off a popular series of Belgian comics by Willy Vandersteen who worked closely with the creator of TinTin. The director, Wim Bien did a fantastic job and I'm amazed how well the film turned out compared to the budgets of US features! Working at Luxanimation was great and living in Luxembourg was a pretty amazing adventure in itself! If I find the time, I'll make an updated version with subtitles :-S

Well I'm off to film some reference for my next assignment, Adios!