Blog update: Now with more filth!

Heya people!

I made a few updates for my blog (notice how this column is a little wider? Ahhhhh space to breath :-P ). This mostly involved dirtying up the BG a bit and integrating my blog into my website! So now if you ever want to find my blog, don't go to the unbearable complex and illogical http://www.kineticdan.blogspot.com, just simply go to: www.kineticdan.com. So:
Remember www.kineticdan.com
Remember www.kineticdan.com
Remember www.kineticdan.com
Remember tibet
Remember www.kineticdan.com

Also, with my lovely Fiance's new job (she's now a vet at Australia Zoo!) We've moved out to a bush cottage near Landsborough, north of Brisbane. Here's a photo from our back porch where I can enjoy a cool breeze and sunset view for my afternoon shift:

Great little office to animate from, and there's definitely no distractions. Nosireee! No neighbours except for the snakes and ants! hehe. Errr. Anyone who know's me should get my gmail-chat/MSN/Skype details as if I don't get enough human contact, I'm bound to end up like this:


Inspirational stuffing! Your head is like a turkey's bottom!

Well I thought I should break up all these assignment posts by filling a post with a whole bunch of inspirational links and stuff I've come across the past few months:

Here's a link my Mentor (Elliott Roberts) shared of Steven Spielberg talking about how directors should know what they want down to the last frame and how animators are forced to think about that by the nature of our art. Makes me giggle to see a young Steven Spielberg :-P. There's loads of great stuff on his blog and I especially like his examples of poses with good silhouette, but with overlapping elements (you don't always need to open up all the negative space and have all limbs coming out of the body like egyptian haieroglyphics :-P ), that page is here.

Here's two short doco's about Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr Fox (and how he directed the animators by acting out the video reference himself!) and Bill Melendez (creator of Charlie Brown, interesting because he's a big influence on Wes!). I came across both of these on Ethan Hurd's Persistence of Vision blog.

Olivier Ladeuix has also come across some super spiffy concept art pages HERE and HERE.

Ah well, that's enough for now, I've got animating to do!!


Yahaarrrrrr..... *cough*

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! (I realize how geeky it is to say that, but I read treasure island not too long ago... and... well... if you don't like geekyness then LEAVE! :-P ).

Here's some work in Progress of my big cannonball piece! Everything from 200 onwards is the blocking for my next assignment so you can see how the thrilling crescendo comes to an angry climactic tantrum :-). Woah, that Pegleg keeps it challenging! I've rigged it so that the hips are controlled by the rotation of the pegleg whenever it's on the ground, I never thought I would miss just being able to grab a pair of hips and put move then whereever I like (ahem!!). Really means I have to plan so thoroughly and have no choice but to move everything according to how it would move in reality, jeepers!
I'm really enjoying working with the Norman rig, shame this will probably be the last one I do with him for quite a while :-/. I particularly like the simple bendable arms for creating subtle curvature (still need to abuse this some more) and being able to quickly hide the limbs which really helps for polishing the torso!

Man, I really can't help but push these assignments to mammoth sizes, hopefully it'll keep me much more in control next term when we only do 1.5 assignments per 3 months :-S. I just watched a lecture from Jason Ryan and he's so into his simple flipbook stick figure anims for planning, I miss things being simple, would love to throw some simple ideas around when I get the time and stay out of Maya :-P.


A pirate's life for me!

Heya guys!

I've just finished the blocking for my next AM assignment.! Check it out here:


I tried to layer together some challenging exercises, so here's my pirate with a peg leg-carrying a cannonball across a swaying ship. This is part 1 of 2 so there's a bit of a story which won't really be revealed until I block my next assignment a few weeks away. The set is all proxy at the moment, and eventually there'll be a nicely detailed ship wall with cannons and everything, but just for now you'll have to use your imagination :-P. The grey blob is just temporary until I model a smashed hole through the hull :-S.

Check out the planning here:

There's some pretty interesting stuff there at the end that I found on Youtube, would you believe I found someone who had bookmarked over 50 movies on youtube of people with peg-legs? Bizarro! I actually had to go and record some extra video reference after this batch, took me a while to lock down exactly how I wanted this to play out.

Some planning thumbnails:

I've also been updating my showreel, check out the latest version HERE. I've got some rendering issues to fix up on the first shot but I'd love to hear any feedback!