Got your acting pants on?

Here's my blocking for my next AM assignment, a Solo Dialogue piece:

I love animating to Jack Nicholson, this line of dialogue is awesome :-D. It's great to be working on a piece that isn't swapping around with parent space/IK/Fk all over the place like all my previous assignments, polishing this baby should be much easier! (BTW - I don't condone polishing babies.).

Here's the vid ref I took, including the other takes/audio that I passed on:


In other news, I'm back to work for a few months :-(. I've just moved down to Sydney to work for Animal Logic on a short contract! :-D. Should be fun, I really look forward to learning more about doing photo-realistic animation and getting into some bird flight mechanics! Woot! *Runs around room flapping arms*. So if my blog suffers a lapse in posts, you'll know it's because I'm very happily being whipped by Pharaoh guards contributing a few small bricks to a giant Pyramid of a feature film.

And here's a life changing quote:
"If you have fat friends, there are no see saws.... Only catapults."
-Dimitri Martin.

Hugs to all! (and a kick in the balls).


C. said...

Ohi Dan !
I'm happy for your brand new AL adventure, it should be great.
Have fun !

: D


KineticDan said...

Cheers Carlo!

Really enjoying my first week :-D. I'm just soaking up as much knowledge as I can before they realize I'm a fake and kick me out :-P.