Jade and Violet in the strange climate.

Here's a painting I just finished based on a rejected video game concept I came up with a few years ago. I actually started this painting about 4 years ago, and I've just been coming back to it every few months and tweaking it. I've been making such a concerted effort to finish things that I begin so I'm glad I finally got it to a finished state!

The idea was pretty much a very Zelda-esque game about 2 Sibling turtles who travel upstream from the lake they live in, to discover the source of poisonous water that is polluting their home. They end up travelling to a great city where aquatic creatures have learnt to adapt above ground and are living a life of technological Luxury at the expense of all life in the water. Jade and Violet must solve puzzles to introduce environmentally friendly ways to replace all the technologies the strange city folk have become dependant on, despite their abnoxious ruler who tries to counter their actions at every turn. Jade, a master farmer, must use his knowledge of botany to cultivate various plants, trees and mosses as tools along the way. His sister, violet, uses her artistic ambiton to earn money along the journey: Busking for loose change and selling photographs of exotic wild fauna.

On the animation front, I've been beavering away at getting some animations finished as I should have a new showreel to share in a few weeks. It's exciting stuff as I'll be able to show some of the shots I did on "Legend of the Guardians"!

Stay tuned!


C. said...

ohi Dan !
Can't wait for your new reel.


Kinetic Dan said...

Lol, only 2 months late. Just got it up ;-)