2010 Character Animation Showreel!

Woot! New stuff! Click here to download my showreel and check out some of the shots I did on "Legend of the guardians".

Also, any Australians out there looking for an opportunity to support our industry, click below (just a quick petition, takes 15 seconds to fill out!):


Olivier Ladeuix said...

nice reel Dan, have you added an extra gag to the bike shot? I find it really funny

Kinetic Dan said...

Hey Oli!

Nice to hear from you, it's been a while :-D. Cheers dude! The bike shot has actually had the last second clipped off it :-P. He used to exhale and slouch down in defeat. I just took it out to snap up the timing of the reel a little, it does actually make the piece work better :-P.

Thanks again!

Cristina Ynzenga said...

Very cool reel Dan! ;)

Kinetic Dan said...

Thanks Christina! :-D

Av said...

Brilliant reel Dan, your Guardians shots look stunning.
Rock on!

Kinetic Dan said...

Thanks Av! Means a lot coming from a Godzilla animator such as yourself ;-)

Brendan Body said...

Hey Dan,

Yup, there'll be no surfing for me for many months, but I'm off to the Alps at New year for some snow sliding fun.

Nice reel by the way. Have you got a new job?

all the best,


Kinetic Dan said...

Yo Brendan!

Awesome, Alpine fun! Hmmm, maybe you could bring your board and hang ten on an avalanche? Desperate enough to get a fix? Do it, I dares ya ;-)

No job yet :-/ hopefully something will come up soon!