Skull in hand?

Wahoo I says. Wahooooo! Acting! The animators dream! Woot! I feel like I've been getting back to basics and body mechanics for the last year and now I'm getting back to acting (which is what I was doing when I first started AM, but hopefully a better animator now!). Here's my progress on my first acting assignment, which is a silent piece where we need to simply show a character going from one emotional state to another.


I went for a really simple idea for this one as I wanted to focus more on getting a great performance instead of getting carried away with a grand story (as I always do :-/ ). Even still, I get impulsive urges to make this scenario more complicated but I have to repress it, Grrrrr. It's loads of fun animating my own character and it's something I haven't done in a loonngg time! I've fallen behind with the rigging though and I'm still rigging as I'm animating (see how the facial expressions are symmetrical? That's because I haven't split up the left and right blend targets yet :-P). Wouldn't have rigged it without the help of Advanced Skeleton and Zoo CST though! Wow, I can't believe I started modelling this character about 3.5 years ago, just had him on the backburner and pulled him out now and again to touch him up. Great to see him finally coming to life!

Here's my vid reference exploring a few ideas and some sketches exploring some poses!

And here's a Sea creature, wid ids wittle baby-waby! Oohhhh Cooooot! Last weeks AM sketchbook theme was "Baby sea creature".

In other news: a tree fell in the forest but nobody heard it.