Awesome Flash Websites

Yo ho and a bottle of yum!

I trawled the web looking for some funky flash websites and found some really awesome pages, check these out:

This is a very cool site for the portfolio of Mauricio Guimaraes. The idea of presenting it over a landscape is just fantastic. I love how it encourages you to explore without throwing a big fat menu at you. Such a great moment when you follow the rope up to the air balloon :-D.

It looks like this site was developed to encourage kiddies to drink more milk. They actually made a whole board game out of it, funky eh? Art looks really cool, it's a weird interesting blend of 3D characters and what appears to be a physical miniature sculpture for the set. Nice!

Another website focused on educating the kiddies. This one too has a fantastic open atmosphere which encourages you to explore. Nicely done in 3D too! Great idea of telling mini stories in little pop up books. Love how they let you explore them from all sides too, and check out all those details revealing the papery/cardboard materials they're made from. Very fun art :-D.

I would love to get into some of this online interactive stuff sometime, looks like loads of fun :-D

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