Old man Reanimated!

Not in a freaky back from the dead via green glowing syringe way, more in an old animation I got around to touching up and rendering :-D. Ahh lighting and rendering, what will I do next to hide my animation flaws from you? Check it out by clicking on this funky portrait:
I feel like he's a pretty darn good improvement since I left this piece as my Animation Mentor assignment back in February last year (check the old post here). I can really see where I've progressed in controlling my overacting and natural motion since animating realistic owls on "Legend of the Guardians". I actually had a big elaborate ending planned, but in a desire to get this piece patched up and finished, I decided to end it swiftly and keep it as more of a simple performance piece than an elaborate story. I sketched up an alternative ending that I brainstormed with the very artistic Darren that you can check out here (to be honest, the idea is mostly his :-P ). Would be fun to add this sometime, but there's zombies smashing through my window and if I don't apply some kind of gruesome violence to them, they'll surely consume my brain.



Mike said...

Hey mate,

You have some really nice stuff in there. Tonnes of great secondary action. I particularly like the lip lick into reading scowl. Nice work. Definitely a good addition to the reel

Kinetic Dan said...

Cheers dude!

Yeah I added that lip lick thingy as an afterthought but it works really well :-D.

Glad you like it