Wilkommen to 2011! Art Workouts begin..

Heya peoples!

Well here we are, another year, more challenges, more change! Wow, how big was 2010? I feel like my animation has really improved, got to work on an awesome film, and greatest of all, I married the woman I love :-D. So what's in store for 2011? Time to ease off my obsessiveness and keep more balanced I believe. Find some mental/physical, animation/real world, introvert/extrovert equilibrium.

So one of my big resolutions is to keep myself producing my own art. So I'm committing myself to creating a finished 2D artwork roughly once a week, in an effort to keep those drawing/creative muscles pumped:
Pah! Who keeps their resolutions you may say? I'm definitely not the only one who is seduced by the mistress of procrastination, weighed down by the heavy chains of excuses and injected by the lazy, lethal sedative that is "conserving energy". That's why I'm asking you to keep me accountable to this resolution, follow my progress and feel free to press this button if I'm not maintaining my artistic upkeep:
Yes it's true, just push this button on your screen and I get a small electric shock in my anus. It's incredibly painful, so please... please... only press it if I'm falling behind with my weekly "Art Workout". So I've got 52 to produce this year. I'll keep it pretty open, I might do a drawing, digital painting, storyboard, drawn animation, or maybe even something creatively written for a blog post... whatever inspires me that week.

Keep inspired,


Dan Carey said...

i think you hooked the button up to the wrong Dan - when i press it its me who gets the shock in my ass!!! ;)

Kinetic Dan said...

heh heh. I mean. "Oh! Really?!?"