The Camp fire

Hey Groovers!Art workout 2011 Week 8 of 52.

Just a fun little painting, I love playing with Silhouettes :-D.


shape restriction doodles

Art workout 2011, week 7 of 52

This week I decided to play around with bit of an experimental drawing exercise: The idea is that the shape of your next doodle must fit into the contour of the previous doodles. This forces you to use shapes that you wouldn't ordinarily imagine to form characters. Some of them are successful, quite a few are quite pants :-P. Fun approach though! I quite like how it encourages your eye to meander it's focus picking up ideas a long the way.



Smoking monkey painting

Greetings primates!

Art workout 2011, Week 6 of 52.

This week I decided to do a quick speed paint (probably about an hour) of this charmingly grumpy monkey smoking a fag. Technically I approached this painting a bit differently than usual, and kept my tone (a grey-scale layer) separate to my hue layer (just the colours overlayed on top) to make me concentrate on tone more. Was an interesting experiment as it's easy to get distracted by choosing colours, but this forces you to look back at your tonal layer often and identify spots that can be spiced up with more contrast.



Motorcycle Knight painting

Howdy strangers!

Art workout 2011, week 5 of 52.

This week I decided to paint up an older sketch I did of this motorcycle knight fella. Had lot's of fun and this is the first time I've consciously made an effort to apply colour temperature as I'm painting (pretty much just means that the brighter the light, the less saturated the colour).