General Alcazar's night of shame

Atten-shun!Art workout 2011, Week 12 of 52.

"General Alcazar went from relieved to perplexed, hiding deep his terror during the evening. His new allies weakened so quickly to forbidden nightly pleasures. Does the survival of the empire really depend on these unfavorable men?"

Tried a different approach with this one, I really wanted to some more convincing lighting: so I kept all 3 light sources on their own respective layers in photo shop to focus on them seperately. I really liked the flexibility I had later down the line to modify the colour and intensity of the lights independently. Nice! I quite like having different lighting setups and expression on one side of the face to the other, creates some very interesting ambiguity in his mood.



Peer Lemmers said...

awesome drawings man, really nice

(sorry no doom in this comment :)

how have you been besides busy doing art and updating your blog??

Kinetic Dan said...

Hey Peer!

Glad you like them! Yeah, getting more discipline in this year, getting something up once a week :-D. Other than that, just moved down to Adelaide for a 5 month job (just landed tonight actually!), first time on this side of Australia so I'm looking forward to exploring a new City! Married life is awesome. Ate prawns today. Still don't have a six pack despite doing a crunch that once.

How's things in your neck? (of the woods).