Snapped some birdies!


Art workout 2011 Week 15 of 52.

This week I took bit of a break from all this digital painting took my DSLR out for some bird shots. These are taken in the parklands around Adelaide city along a very enjoyable bicycle ride to the beech(such a great city for cycling!). I love that rim lit lighting you can get once the afternoon sun gets low at the right angle.



The grumpy frog king

Yoyo!Art workout 2011, Week 14 of 52.



9 Monkey heads

*Pats readers on head*. It's a new greeting, just trying it out ;-).

Art workout 2011, week 13 of 52.

Ahh I'm behind a week! All this moving interstate thing has slowed me down! Here's 9 Monkey heads I sketched on the plane on my flight to Adelaide.

Sleep now, ciao!