Get a life. Drawing.

Morn'n to ya!

These last two weeks I've been attending some life drawing sessions, nice to get back into some traditional materials and improve the eye + hand :-).

Art workout 2011, Week 16 of 52.

Art workout 2011, week 17 of 52. A pregnant model, jeepers it was tough! Pretty happy how this one turned out considering all that foreshortening.

Thanks for stopping by and keep drawing everyone!!


daniel.phillis said...

nice work dan ! good to see your back into it ! where are you going - coz i had alot of fun going to casual classes in Norwood - the Adelaide Central School of art

Kinetic Dan said...

Thanks Dan!

We've got a place we go up in North Adelaide. Not teacher, just 2 hours of open class. I'll have to look up your old class!