Self Caricature

Art workout 2011, week 19 of 52.

This week I decided to try my hand a caricature. To make sure I don't insult anybody, I thought it best to test out my first one on myself (I'm only mildly embarrassed). It was a lot tougher than I thought, I know it's all about seeing what's distinguishing and exaggerating those elements, but it was a challenge to gauge whether I had a big forehead/eyes wide apart/small eyes etc and I did quite a bit of trial and error trying to put myself together. In the end I feel like I've got something that still resembles me but hopefully I can get some more extremes in my next one!

This was also my first time using the "wet" brushes in photoshop which was quite a nice experience. Not sure if I'd use them for a painting from scratch because they tend to mix a little strangely, but it works nicely behind a drawing and keeping your outline. Lately I've really been enjoying drawing while having a TV series running too, I've been rolling through "Star gate universe" which is some nice ambiance to have while getting mesmerized in some doodling! Anybody else do that? Of course, I mean watching series on DVD as I don't condone watching TV commercials at any time :-P.

Peace out yo!


daniel.phillis said...

awesome dan !...awesome...

like the old school look...

Kinetic Dan said...

Cheers dude! Was a fun little deviation :-D