Gregarious Gremlins going gaga!

Art workout 2011, week 20 of 52.

This week I put together this kinda silly picture to open my updated website. So if you are terminally bored, why not visit it? Just click one of the titles at the top of this blog! It's all integrated now ya see!! Woot! My website's still a wip, so if anyone has any comments or suggestions, feel free to shoot me a crit!

This was a really fun little picture to put together and is actually my first drawing created in Photoshop from scratch (usually I start from a scan). I really loved the quick ability to rescale and distort things here and there as I went, and pretty much approached it the same way I'd do so with a lightbox - started with a really scratchy layout to begin with and added layers (pages) and cleaned up and worked upon each layer one by one.


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