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Art workout 2011, week 21 and 22 of 52.

I've been at some more life drawing, so I thought I might post up some recents. I've changed my approach here and there as I gained so much at Kevin Chen's life drawing workshop
I attended back in April. It was absolutely amazing, so wonderful to see a real master of his craft working away and talking about his process as he went. I think the biggest point I came away was about breaking down elements into simpler, more graphically strong parts. For example, working with straight lines and "C" curves and avoiding "S" curves or complicated lines and shapes. This really forces you to think of the form as more of a series of intersecting simpler shapes instead of weirdly unrealistic 2d shapes. I've also picked up his preferred pencil - A HB Conte pencil with a long tip shaved down with a razor. This long tip gives you the ability to quickly turn it on it's side to make soft wide marks which is much nicer for shading than my usual cross hatching affair. Still applying what he taught us and absorbing it, will be interesting to see my future life drawings and how that knowledge melds into my style!


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