The treehouse party!

Howdy ho!Art workout Week 24 of 52.

Jeepers I'm behind on my Workouts! Here's a rough layout I did for a digital painting I've got planned for a small exhibition here in Adelaide. Fun/intimidating to work on something for the public!

Art workout 25 of 52:

Week 25 I've decided to twist the rules and submit something that isn't artwork at all, but a bit of research I did about bird flight mechanics. There's a very interesting in depth article here: http://icb.oxfordjournals.org/content/42/1/141.full which I found a great source of understanding on how birds maneuver mid air. To help myself really get a grasp of it, I translated the article from Oxford genius speak, and boiled it down into some simpler points jotted down that doesn't scare my limited intellect nearly as much. I then published that up on my personal wiki I added to my website: http://www.kineticdan.com/wiki/index.php?title=Dan%27s_Oxford_Journal_flight_notes. Anyone animating some complex flight may very well find it interesting!

On the topic of the wiki, I have to say I'm really enjoying fostering one on my own. It's like having my own personal online encyclopedia of stuff I've learned/found to continually add to. In all honesty, I stole the idea from a very talented colleague I work with, Eric Bates. So far I've been adding any interesting links I've found online, and starting to compile my own personal collection of notes and tidbits. For example, I went to an interesting lecture by an excellent Oil Painter, Robin Eley - you can read the notes I took here.

Cheers ladies (and possibly fellas).