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Greetings!Art workout 2011, Week 27 of 52.

So here's the final result of that layout test I did two posts ago! This is my final version which I've had printed for the Sala festival and will be exhibited to the public in the Foyer of Rising Sun Pictures here in Adelaide! Woot!

Art workout 2011, Week 28 of 52:

Film Lighting: Talks with Hollywood's Cinematographers and Gaffers - notes

Here's another week where I'm substituting visual art for a bit of theory and sharing notes I made while reading the above mentioned book. It was all pretty technical live action lighting thoughts, but I found a few golden nuggets of knowledge in there and added them to my Wiki. Maybe a nugget of gold useful to your fine self also? By the power of pork flavoured marshmellows, I surely hope so!!


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