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G'day fellas and Sheila's!

D'oh, been a while since my last post.  I've been on the most amazing adventure humanly possible on 2 wheels!  My wife and I rode our BMW Rockster all the way from Adelaide to Brisbane via the great ocean road.  So between packing up in Adelaide, the 2 week trip and resettling in QLD, my lack of posts can be forgiven methinks!  Well anyway, got my paintbrush and sweat band - check out what I've been up to keeping fit with my "art workouts":

Art Workout 2011, Week 31 of 52.

Art Workout 2011, Week 32 of 52.

What's with this recurring old man?  Am I seeing double?  Why is he so grumpy?  Who wears a monocle... really?  WHAT'S HAPPENING!?!

This is some development for my short film I'm creating.  I'm taking the dive and committing the next 3 months to really fleshing out the pre-production and base assets.  Gonna be a long haul, but hey, can't be a cog my whole career, every artist should have a baby that can really call their own.  This old man, combined with an idiotic frog are indeed my babies, which sounds wrong and confusing, but get used to it, if you're following this blog you'll see a lot more of them :-D.

*Top secret* "A Grey Matter" Script revision  *Top secret*
Art Workout 2011, Week 33 of 52

Yeah I'm an arsehole and hiding my cards.  I've been working hard on revising the script for this short's story, but I'm not keen to share it online, you'll have to wait a couple years until the film is finished :-P.

hugs (yes even it you are a stranger, sorry about the B.O.)

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