A Grey Matter concept work


As I'm devoting myself fully for the time being, all my time of late is spent developing "A Grey Matter".  Exciting times!

Art workout 2011, week 33 of 52.

Here's a photoshop painted concept for the frog character in my short, whom I have affectionately named "Wibby".  This one was created with photoshop's "natural" brushes set.  Not quite the look I think I'll go for, but defo worth the experiment.

Art workout 2011, week 34 of 52.

So here I'm starting to nail down a final design for my main character.  I must have drawn this guy 1000 times, so I got together all the best drawings, my favourite nose/hair/head shape, and amalgamated them all into this design you see here.  The linework/rendering style is inspired from the very excellent short "The Backwater Gospel".

Art workout 2011, week 35 of 52.

I've been very busy boarding for my short.  Exploring as many ideas as I can, grabbing feedback from peeps, then hitting the boards again.  Boarding is redoarding they say eh?  I'm revealing a few panels here but still keeping most of my cards hidden ;-).

The creative habit notes - by Twyla Tharp

Art Workout 2011, week 36 of 52.

As I'm sailing under my own guidance and self discipline, I thought I'd go over my notes when I read this great book by Twyla Tharp.  She doesn't sugar coat anything, just giving clear and practical ideas about generating ideas, keeping organized, inspired and focused in whatever creative path you're heading on.  I'd recommend any creative characters out there to give it a read!

Power on comrades!

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