The old man is a com'n


Here's some more of this year's art workout and some development of my short film!  Firstly, I've been working hard on the new model for my short film's main character - check out some turnarounds with pose tests here:

Art workout 2011, week 37 of 52

Also, I've finalized the design of my second character, a cute little dumbfounded frog:

 Art Workout 2011, Week 38 of 52
Art Workout 2011, Week 39 of 52

And also, for the occasional break away from my short - here's a few random doodles:

A bizarre long necked frog:
Art Workout 2011, Week 40 of 52

The lizard captain!  He's a salty veteran sailing endlessly across the soft sandy desert of the vulture isles.

Art Workout 2011, Week 41 of 52

Cheers captains!


Jess Morris said...

I love all the development you are doing for your short! The frog post sheet is awesome.. I can't wait to see more!

Kinetic Dan said...

Cheers Jess! Thanks for stopping by :-D.