BMW R1150R Rockster Sketch

Good evening puppies and hellspawn!

Art Workout 2011, Week 4 of 52

This week I decided to challenge my perspective skills a little more and sketched up a drawing of my meaty little motorcycle. It's a BMW R1150R Rockster that spends too much time sitting still with all this rain we're having. Although I may just go out for bit of a cruise today! Woot!



Very cool short film maker: Nick Cross

Hello hairy hippos!

Check out these very cool short animated Flash films by the independent film maker Nick Cross. Almost does the whole thing's by himself! What a champ!

The Pig Farmer from Nick Cross on Vimeo.

Yellow Cake from Nick Cross on Vimeo.

I'm really impressed with people who really get out there and do there own thing. He even does his own funding drives and sells prints etc as he goes along. Check his blog: http://pyatyletka.blogspot.com/


Distractable Dean Sketch

Allo Armadillos!
Art workout 2011, Week 3 of 52

Just a fun little setup. Challenged myself a little bit too much with the perspective, would be fun to paint this one up and tighten it up some day!!



Awesome Flash Websites

Yo ho and a bottle of yum!

I trawled the web looking for some funky flash websites and found some really awesome pages, check these out:

This is a very cool site for the portfolio of Mauricio Guimaraes. The idea of presenting it over a landscape is just fantastic. I love how it encourages you to explore without throwing a big fat menu at you. Such a great moment when you follow the rope up to the air balloon :-D.

It looks like this site was developed to encourage kiddies to drink more milk. They actually made a whole board game out of it, funky eh? Art looks really cool, it's a weird interesting blend of 3D characters and what appears to be a physical miniature sculpture for the set. Nice!

Another website focused on educating the kiddies. This one too has a fantastic open atmosphere which encourages you to explore. Nicely done in 3D too! Great idea of telling mini stories in little pop up books. Love how they let you explore them from all sides too, and check out all those details revealing the papery/cardboard materials they're made from. Very fun art :-D.

I would love to get into some of this online interactive stuff sometime, looks like loads of fun :-D


Big chicken with wedding couple digital sketch.

Heya pork pies!Art Workout 2011, Week 2 of 52

This week I had some house keeping to do as I needed to do a picture for our post-wedding thank you cards. So here it is! Just a bit of fun with photoshop drawn directly with the tablet. Quick and easy fun :-D.



Old man Reanimated!

Not in a freaky back from the dead via green glowing syringe way, more in an old animation I got around to touching up and rendering :-D. Ahh lighting and rendering, what will I do next to hide my animation flaws from you? Check it out by clicking on this funky portrait:
I feel like he's a pretty darn good improvement since I left this piece as my Animation Mentor assignment back in February last year (check the old post here). I can really see where I've progressed in controlling my overacting and natural motion since animating realistic owls on "Legend of the Guardians". I actually had a big elaborate ending planned, but in a desire to get this piece patched up and finished, I decided to end it swiftly and keep it as more of a simple performance piece than an elaborate story. I sketched up an alternative ending that I brainstormed with the very artistic Darren that you can check out here (to be honest, the idea is mostly his :-P ). Would be fun to add this sometime, but there's zombies smashing through my window and if I don't apply some kind of gruesome violence to them, they'll surely consume my brain.



Pompous Ms Peach Painting

Yo green peas!

Art Workout 2011, Week 1 of 52

This week I decided to do a speed painting. This was from an older sketch and I threw the colours on over the top in about an hour and a half. I used photoshop and really enjoyed experimenting with different brushes here and there to try and get a variety of textures over her different features. I've been throwing ideas about making a modular character design so this was bit of an experiment to see how a seperate add-on mouth could possibly work with a female design. Kinda does look transvestite-ish though :-/.

And I'll leave with a quote that keeps coming back in my mind:
"In this world there are two tragedies: One is not getting what one wants, the other is getting it. The last is much worse." -Oscar Wilde


Wilkommen to 2011! Art Workouts begin..

Heya peoples!

Well here we are, another year, more challenges, more change! Wow, how big was 2010? I feel like my animation has really improved, got to work on an awesome film, and greatest of all, I married the woman I love :-D. So what's in store for 2011? Time to ease off my obsessiveness and keep more balanced I believe. Find some mental/physical, animation/real world, introvert/extrovert equilibrium.

So one of my big resolutions is to keep myself producing my own art. So I'm committing myself to creating a finished 2D artwork roughly once a week, in an effort to keep those drawing/creative muscles pumped:
Pah! Who keeps their resolutions you may say? I'm definitely not the only one who is seduced by the mistress of procrastination, weighed down by the heavy chains of excuses and injected by the lazy, lethal sedative that is "conserving energy". That's why I'm asking you to keep me accountable to this resolution, follow my progress and feel free to press this button if I'm not maintaining my artistic upkeep:
Yes it's true, just push this button on your screen and I get a small electric shock in my anus. It's incredibly painful, so please... please... only press it if I'm falling behind with my weekly "Art Workout". So I've got 52 to produce this year. I'll keep it pretty open, I might do a drawing, digital painting, storyboard, drawn animation, or maybe even something creatively written for a blog post... whatever inspires me that week.

Keep inspired,