Back to Schoolism! Caricature with Jason Seiler


I'm now in my third week of Jason Seiler's schoolism course (www.schoolism.com).  I've braved something quite different for me, as this course is quite technical and has quite a big painting element.  I'm learning loads already, especially about keeping the likeness there in conjunction to pushing those proportions.  Here's my Tom Hanks, my first assignment after Jason's suggestions.  He was a really difficult character to draw especially getting that touch of anxiety in his eyes.  Anyone looking for a discount at schoolism can pop in this Promo code:  c8z7w.  It'll give me a bit of credit for my next course too ;-).

In other news, a film I worked on last year has been released and has done the cinema run in most countries already.  We worked on the bird and bee chase sequence which was an absolute hoot.  Check out my updated reel to see some of the shots I worked on:  http://vimeo.com/23622337.  There was some interesting new challenges here for me as I'd never actually animated characters in conjunction with live action plates before.  If you see the second shot on my reel, it's actually got digital doubles of the actors, that swap to a live action plate and then back to digi doubles again in the same shot - quite tough!

Expect an update on my short film soon!  I'm just touching up the shader work on my frog character and I've also started animation.  Exciting times!!!


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