A frog, a pheonix and a large nose.

Howdy ho world!

Here's some progress on my short film "A Grey Matter":

This is the second character in my short film "A Grey Matter", a simpleminded but relentlessly happy little frog :-).  So I'm still experimenting away with shaders and the final look but I'm honing in on something that I'm really happy with :-D.

In other news, here's a TVC I recently animated on:

I animated several of the shots featuring the large red pheonix :-D.  It was actually a really fun TVC to work on and if you check out the making of:  (http://cirkus.co.nz/blog/2012/03/giadinh-bank/)  you can see how much of the set was actually physically built out of paper.  Blends well I think!

In even more news, here's a recent assignment I submitted for Jason Seiler's Caricature class at Schoolism:

So here he's getting us to focus on values and restricted us to a monochromatic painting.  I'm really honing my eye to see finer details which is great and challenging.  The source photo was a "civilian" which is actually one of Jason's friends :-D.

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Spread the positivity folks!


daniel.phillis said...

wow - im very impressed Dan....
i say that every time i come to your Blog - inspiring stuff !

Daniel Harris said...

Hehe thanks man :-D