Schoolism caricature and a short film sample

Heya people of the interwebs!

Check out a sample of my short film "A Grey Matter":

Things are rolling along well and It's great to finally get the look locked down!

I thought I might also share one of my assignments from Jason Seiler's Schoolism course, here's my caricature of Forest Whitaker:

And the original reference photo:

I learnt some really great lessons here about colour.  He introduced me to the "complimentary split" colour scheme which is pretty much a simple pattern to follow on the colour wheel which limits your range and generally gives harmonious results.  Learnt some rad new Photoshop techniques too with basing all my tones on my bottom layer, and adding colours on a layer above with the "colour" blending mode - great way to separate your thinking and breakdown tones from colour.

If anyone out there is considering a Schoolism course, you can get bit of a discount with this promo code:  c8z7w

Cheerio playas!