Long time between posts is forgiven with the presence of a monkey.

Howdy ho dude meisters!

D'oh it's been a while since my last post!  Only one way to remedy this, behold my friends - a fresh steamy update!

Progress on my short is trundling along slowly but surely!  Check out blocking on a new shot here:

Jeepers this frog is really fun to animate, getting into the skin of  a cheery simpleton seems eerily comfortable to me :-P.  So I hope this piece is pretty clear - he's noticing himself in the mirror for the first time, confusion then playfulness eventuate :-D.  All the hard work on this rig is definitely paying off!  I'm open to crits if anything catches anyone's eye!

Here's a little project I got sidetracked with:

I gave myself a bunch of restrictions to try and keep a simple efficient design style.  So the rules were:  1 - No editing CV's/Vertices, everything to be made from deformed primitives 2) No UV's required - all materials are procedural (just ended up using Fresnel effects and a little bit of Sub Surface Scattering.) 3) Keep the render time low (this frame took 7 seconds at 720P).  Pretty happy with the result, although I do reckon this design could be improved with a little bit of extra geometrical complexity, surprised how good it turned out through!  Spent about two and half hours on it from concept to completion.

Also, check out a TVC I worked on recently:


I animated a bunch of the characters in the middle shots.  Really enjoyed picking up some simple characters and throwing them around.  Some good lessons in simplicity of design, nice contrast to the complex monstrosity that is my own short!  :-P.

Cheerio fellas/ladies!

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