Some Grey matter for "A Grey Matter"!


Notice anything different with this post?  Maybe when you dispose of this window it'll flush into the ether clockwise instead of the usual anti-clockwise?  Yes that's right, I've switched hemispheres!  Smell the maple syrup on my breath?  That's right, i'm in Canada!  Yesiree, arrived in Vancouver a week ago :-).  I've always wanted to do a stint in Canada, so here I am, exciting stuff!  Between freelance work and a job hunt my short film will still roll along.  Check out some new prop action I've been working on:

You should totally view this full screen, it'll really - expand - your - mind! Badaboom!  :-P

So here's some development on a very important prop - a rather large brain in a jar!  It's not called a grey matter for nothing :-).  I had a lot of fun designing this fella, playing with little bit of a symbolic maze type look with the tendrils over his surface.  Also designing in hard(ish) edges on a primarily round object was also an interesting challenge and fine line to tread.  So not quite final yet but feel pretty good about the progress thus far!

This brain is also my first ever Mudbox model!  Really like using Mudbox, would love to do more sculpting just for fun.  Was an obvious choice to bring this guy into Mudbox, modelling all those tendrils would have been a nightmare!  Getting a technique for rendering liquid in my style has also been a really big challenge - a fancy sim seems like the obvious option but keeping things simple and hand made is the name of the game, so this technique (literally using two bits of geo Booleaned) seems to work much more.  Gotta bring out that top surface a little more and then I'll be laughing (at the moment I'm only giggling in a restrained fashion, much like a japanese schoolgirl).

A massive thanks to Daniel Phillis who helped out with some of the water effects using his Houdini magic.  What a champ!