Some gesture drawings!

Hello strange people staring at this blog!

Woah, I've been quiet for quite a while - just been enjoying Vancouver.  Working away, snow boarding, swing dancing and lots of gesture drawing :-D.  Thought I might share some of my recent gesture drawings as I'm really happy with my progress lately:
5 min

 5 min
variety of 2-3 min.

Recently I attended a live half day workshop by Louis Gonzales hosted by schoolism.com.  Was a really inspiring eye opener - I love how that guys has such a focus on the idea and what you're trying to express.  So many artists I know get so preoccupied with technique that ideas actually seemed to get forgotten.  Funny that, because a drawing is nothing but technical or decorative without ideas :-P.  One quote I've come away with from him is "Exaggeration is emphasis".  We shouldn't be exaggerating just because it's appealing or funny, it should be to draw focus and emphasize a character trait or story element.  Exaggeration is nothing without "normal" stuff around it!

Adios playas!  Keep create'n :-D

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