"Whom the god's wish to destroy...

....they give unlimited resources." -Twyla Tharp
Got some more gesture life drawings to share!  I'm really enjoying these sessions- so much fun learning how to simplify and exaggerate to create an appealing image within economic constraints.  It's interesting how a colleague was doing the gesture classes with me and commented "I'm sick of these short poses - All you do is get the form down and never get the time to be creative." - which is a totally legitimate feeling but the opposite to how I feel.  Under the constraint of limited time you don't have the luxary of getting every muscle down and getting destracted with detailing, it's up to you to decide which simple shapes and lines will best describe much more complex groups and still communicate the idea.  To me this lends itself to much playfulness to be had with shape and line.  Having the shorter timeline also pushes me to make bolder more readable design choices.  I seem to accidentally come up with some interesting styles that I've never seen myself do before too :-P.  I'm having more and more respect for stylized and cartoon work that can communicate so much with so little!So here's a couple I cleaned up and added some shading:


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