explorations in oil painting!

Hello humans and/or centaurs!  (Gotta cover all bases, never sure whose reading!?)

A few weeks ago I finished the "Foundations of painting" course at http://synstudio.ca/ here in Montreal, taught by Heidi Taillefer.  Was a great course and I particularly enjoyed getting off the computer and learning how to illustrate with paint and pigments as opposed to pixels in RGB.  It's funny after using CGI so much in my life, there's so much magic in getting back to traditional techniques and forming something "real".  When I first got into CG in the late 90's, there was so much novelty to the growing world of computer art.  Now we're saturated with so much CG, the traditional stuff has become a novelty!

But there really is something that feels fundamentally mechanical about computers.  I can't put my finger on it specifically, but it's like my brain goes into problem solving mode when playing with these giant calculators.  Tradition materials just leaves me focusing so much more on the mood and emotions instead of the technical challenges involved.  Anyone else feel this?

Keep arting everybody!